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Client Website: Magento CMS

Supplier: Amazon.es


We have a demo Magento installation that can be accessed here:


username: admin

password: admin123

User is created to be able to see and edit the items that are available in the shop.

You can edit or even add others.

NOTE: When adding a new item in the shop please keep in mind that the SKU of the product should be identical with the ASIN code from the Amazon.es website.

Please use Amazon.es website when looking up new products to be added to Magento website.


You can also set the number of items in stock. If there is at least 1 product with less then 3 items in stock and if there is an email registered for receiving the notification then the notification will be sent.

The application checks every 5 minutes and sends the email only once. After that if you want to receive again you have to register yourself again.

* This functionality is made like this only for the demo. In a real situation the email of the administrator(s) will be used.


We can implement the same functionality for different online shops implementations. Can be something custom build also.

And we can integrate it with any supplier. Depending on the supplier we can offer exactly the same functionality or something slightly different.


The price for a low stock notifier is 699 Eur. Same functionality but integrated with your provider and website.

If you need something custom contact us and we will give you a custom offer.

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