Batch PDF Auto Signer

Toolker BatchPDFAutoSigner is a work automation robot that automatically signs PDF files in a single step. All you have to do is copy your PDF files into a specific folder on your computer. It's that simple!

While Toolker BatchPDFAutoSigner is running, it will constantly check for new PDF files copied in the Source Folder and move the automatically signed versions in the Destination Folder.

Before running the application, you will have to set the paths for the Source and Destination Folders in the configuration file (config.ini) or by using the installer (setup.exe).

Recommendation: avoid using the Move file option when placing your PDF files in the Source Folder. Use the Copy file option instead to make sure you will still keep the original version of your documents.

Disclaimer: Toolker – Work Automation cannot be held accountable for any type of data loss.


This is an example of how the first page of a digitally signed document will look like.
The electronic signature is valid and recognized by all applications that read PDF files.



Windows files & Source Code:

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How to install

Important: download the files only from our website and compare their MD5 value with the ones published above to make sure they were genuinely uploaded by us and haven't suffered any changes. If the values are not identical, don’t run the application and please let us know.


For Windows 10:

You can use this tool to calculate and compare the MD5 of the downloaded files. Use the values that we supply as a reference.

1. Download the files.
2. Put everything together in the same folder.
3. Run Setup.exe to configure.
4. If you want the tool to automatically start after rebooting the computer:
      a. Copy the executable file (Toolker BatchPDFAutoSigner.exe) – right click on the file and choose Copy from the menu;
      b. Open Windows Start menu or hit Win + Run;
      c. Type in: shell:Common Startup
      d. Right click in the window that appears and select Paste as shortcut.
5. Run Toolker BatchPDFAutoSigner.exe or restart the computer;
6. Enjoy.


For Ubuntu / Linux Mint:

1. Download the project from GitHub.
2. First, run to configure the application
3. Then, run the script
Note: You might need to install some libraries to be able to run the application.
4. If you want the tool to run automatically – even after restarting the computer:
      a. Open the Dash and search for "Startup Applications";
      b. Add another program and in command write: python3 [location_of_the_py_file]\;
      c. Save;
5. Restart or just run it manually this time – open Terminal in the folder of the py file and run: python3 [name_of_the_py_file]
6. Enjoy.