You Schedule - We Publish

Meet the software robot that automates stories and posts on Instagram.

It is as simple as creating Google Calendar events. The robot will transform them into Instagram Stories or Posts on your feed.

You don’t need to learn a new application, use a new tool or even install anything. It runs on our servers.

You Benefit


Stories and Posts can be scheduled
from the comfort of your computer.
* * *
No need of mobile or reminders.

Security & Control

Everything is secured in Google Cloud.
We offer a second layer of security by
encrypting sensitive data.
* * *
You have total control
on what is shared with the robot.
You decide
when and what will be posted.

Manage or Delegate

Manage, from the same place,
as many Instagram accounts as you want.
* * *
Delegate your work to designers and agents,
without handing over sensitive data,
while keeping control.

100% Automated Stories and Posts

"Caption Text"

Here’s How It Works


Google Drive

Use a Shared Folder
to easily upload and organize
photos or videos.

Google Calendar

Use a Shared Calendar,
where you simply create events
to schedule your posts.


Our robot
will do the tedious work
without any assistance.

Subscription Plans

Automation can help you stay focused on more productive tasks but also free up your personal life.

1 Month

just 29 Eur

3 Instagram Accounts
Unlimited Posting
48h Support

3 Months

79 Eur
(10% Discount)

3 Instagram Accounts
Unlimited Posting
48h Support

6 Months

139 Eur
(20% Discount)

3 Instagram Accounts
Unlimited Posting
48h Support

Start Your 2-week FREE Trial Today

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2 Weeks


1 Instagram Account
Unlimited Posting
48h Support

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Good to Know:

  • You will NOT be transitioned automatically into a paid subscription - we will, however, send you an expiration notification a few days before that happens.
  • Early adopters that send us regular feedback via email might benefit from a longer FREE trial period - we appreciate your interest in our work automation products!

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