HikaShop Item Creation

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For: The Nomad Rat
Type:   Task Automation   
Relationship:  Client

"Automatically editing images and creating HikaShop articles."




TheNomadRat had tons of images in high-resolution. He needed to scale them down and watermark them. To be able to use them on his own blog. Also, he needed a way to transform each one of his images into a HikaShop item.

We came up with a tool that was combining smaller ones. First, we joined each new image with the watermark he had. After that, we created a thumbnail of the image. The last step was to use the original image and the thumbnail to create the item and upload them to the site. All of this automatically. All he had to do was to choose what pictures he wanted to upload. Rename the pictures and put them into a folder.

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