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Refill stock Demo - Magento and Amazon

Client Website: Magento CMS



We have a demo Magento installation that can be accessed here:

username: admin

password: admin123

User is created to be able to see and edit the items that are available in the shop.

You can edit or even add others.

Automated stock refilling

Are you a shop owner? Do you dream about automated stock refilling? Dream no more. is going to make it reality.

Imagine this: One morning you wake up and turn on your computer to read your emails. Just like you do every morning. And what do you see? One of the emails is saying: “Hey John! We are low on product “x”, we have only 5 products left in stock. Do you want to refill the stock? How many should we buy? Click here to give the green light.” You click and a web page is displayed where you can say how many products should be bought. You put 10 there and push the “Do it!” button.

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