Transferring LinkedIn Emails to your database

We can help you transfer all the emails from LinkedIn to your own database.

LinkedIn lets you download the emails of your 1st level connections. To do so you need to follow the steps in their 'how to' page:

The result of following these steps is an email sent to you with a .CSV file as attachment. The file contains the list of emails, names, current job and company and other information.

What we can do to help is:

  1. Import this list into your own database for you to use it later.
  2. We also can provide you with a website-like application that can:
    1. search/filter on the database for some specific emails;
    2. send custom emails to the filtered emails. The content of the email will be created by you. You will be able to use placeholders and when the email is sent the placeholders are replaced with data from database.
  3. Anything else that might be of help for you.

Note: We are going to take into consideration the laws that are applied in your country for mass email sending and we will configure your email server and the sending of emails to be aligned with your Hosting provider. Usually hosting providers allow only a limited number of emails per day or per hour.

If you need anything else done, we are here to help.
*Price can vary depending on your project needs.