Dump files analysis

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For: Bitdefender
Type:   Task Automation    
Relationship:  Employer
Time saved: 4h / day for 1 person

"This way the time spent on dump analysis decreased from 5 hours per day to 1 hour per day."




A dump file is a big file that contains all the information needed for understanding why the application crashed. In the process of testing many dump files are created. After each crash a dump file is generated.


The process of dump file analysis was manual and had the next steps:

  1. Grab the file that was generated after the application crashed (the dump file).
  2. Find out the version of the application that generated the crash (usually was provided by the tester or was guessed by the person that was doing the analysis).
  3. Copy the dump file together with other files, all from the same version of application, in one common place.
  4. Run a tool and extract the crash log.
  5. Inspect the crash log and create an issue if necessary.

Getting through all these steps sometimes took 20 minutes for one dump file.


After automating steps 1 to 4. The remaining manual step was 5 which took only 5 minutes.

This way time was saved and quality improved.