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Web Spider

IasiExpert logo

For: IasiExpert
Type:   Tools and Others     
Relationship:  Client

"Now they can use the data. They can update or change the data with ease. They are in control of what they own."

PDF File Generator

Freight Forms Plus logo

For: FreightFormsPlus  
Type:   Tools and Others     
Relationship:  Client

"Data was collected from a web-page and put into a PDF file."

HikaShop Item Creation

The Nomad Rat logo

For: The Nomad Rat
Type:   Task Automation   
Relationship:  Client

"Automatically editing images and creating HikaShop articles."

Build Management System

Vera logo

For: MiOS
Product: Vera
Type:   Tool development
Relationship:  Employer


"The tool was designed to help testers, developers, project managers and clients." 

Dump files analysis

Bitdefender logo

For: Bitdefender
Type:   Task Automation    
Relationship:  Employer
Time saved: 4h / day for 1 person

"This way the time spent on dump analysis decreased from 5 hours per day to 1 hour per day."

You Relax # We Automate

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   Repeating work or tasks.

   Time-consuming tasks.

   Boring or monotonous work.


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