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IasiExpert logo

For: IasiExpert
Type:   Tools and Others     
Relationship:  Client

"Now they can use the data. They can update or change the data with ease. They are in control of what they own."

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Freight Forms Plus logo

For: FreightFormsPlus  
Type:   Tools and Others     
Relationship:  Client

"We discussed with them to understand better their needs. After analyzing the requirements, we proposed them some solutions. They picked one and we implemented it."

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The Nomad Rat logo

For: The Nomad Rat
Type:   Task Automation   
Relationship:  Client

"All he had to do was to choose what pictures he wanted to upload. Rename the pictures and put them into a folder."

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Vera logo

For: MiOS
Product: Vera
Type:   Tool development
Relationship:  Employer

"Before starting to develop it, he looked for a similar tool already made on the web. However, he could not find one because they needed something specific. So he made a custom build management system for them." 

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