Task Automation and Tool Creation KnowHow

Are you using a modified Open Source Software? How are you going to keep up with the new releases?



Does your business depend on open source software? Did you change the software to adjust it to your needs? What are you going to do when a new version of the software is released? How are you going to keep up with the new releases?


This is a problem that we are facing right now. And we think (theoretically at least) that we found the solution to it.

Solution involves using Git.


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Can it be automated?

Any task done using a computer can be automated, but 'Is it worth it to be automated? '. This is the question that we need to answer.

A good methafor for automating vs not automating

Image Source - Automated vs non-automated

For example: Let's say you have to fill in a form with some data and then send it by email to a client. Is it worth it to automate the process if you just need it once? How much time will you spend automating? How much time will it take you to fill in the form and then send it by email? What if you have to do it once every day or even more times a day? In these last cases we suggest it is time to think about automating the process.

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