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Task Automation

Task automation means automating those routines or tasks that are valuable but yet time-consuming. We have experience in task and process automation. Let us help!



Tool Development

By Tools we mean standalone software applications that have one sole purpose: to help you achieve your goal with ease.



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Our Work Tools & Automation

LinkedIn Tool

LinkedIn Tool

Estimated price: 299 USD* We can help you transfer all the emails from LinkedIn to your own database. LinkedIn lets Read More
Automated Social Media

Automated Social Media

Estimated price per automated website: 499 USD* We know how important is your presence in the online world. This is Read More
Online Shops Integration - With Demo

Online Shops Integration - With Demo

Client Website: Magento CMS Supplier: Amazon.es We have a demo Magento installation that can be accessed here: https://toolker.com/magento_demo/administrator username: admin Read More
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For: MiOS
Product: Vera
Type:   Tool development
Relationship:  Employer


"The tool was designed to help testers, developers, project managers and clients." 





A few years ago, MiOS was a relatively small company. Was very close to being a startup. Even so, its product, Vera, was powerful. The number of clients was increasing. Big players in the communication business were white-labeling its product. Each one having its own requests or specific changes.

Having this many clients and for each client going through the same process of develop - test - deploy, a lot of time was wasted on manually managing the builds and their statuses.

This resulted in the need for a new tool that would:

  • ease the way the build was released to the client;
  • manage build versions and build platforms;
  • manage clients and show the right build to the right client;
  • make the result of the testing visible to all the involved parties including comments and issues list;
  • help project managers make quicker decisions;
  • give project managers the 'power' to make the build visible or not to the client;

The tool was developed using PHP and Symfony2 framework.

What? & How? FAQ

What tasks can be automated?

  • Automatic Email Sending;
  • Filling Online Forms;
  • Website Scraping;
  • Reports Creation;
  • Media Collection;
  • Posting to Social Networking Sites;
  • Creation of Data Backup (Windows, Linux or OSX);
  • Anything that you might need or think of.

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