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Task automation means automating those routines or tasks that are valuable but yet time-consuming. We have experience in task and process automation. Let us help!



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For: Bitdefender
Type:   Task Automation    
Relationship:  Employer

"This way the time spent on dump analysis went from 6 hours per day to 1 hour per day. He had more time to work on other tasks."



A long time ago our CEO was working for Bitdefender. He was assigned with the analysis of the crash dump files.

In the process of testing many dump files are created. A dump file is generated after each crash of the application.


For each file he had to:

1. Look at the file that was generated after the application crashed.

2. Find out the version of the application that generated the crash.

3. Copy the dump file together with other files, all from the same version of application, in one common place.

4. Run a tool and extract the crash log.

5. Inspect the crash log and create an issue if necessary.


One month later he was still doing the job by hand. Lots of time was wasted on copying files and investigating crashes. During this month he discovered a pattern in his work. So, he asked for some time during the day to automate the process.

He managed to automate the process. Dump analysis was done automatically. When the analysis was over, the crash log was sent by email to him and the QA team.

Now the time-consuming and boring steps 1 to 4 were automated. All he had to do was step 5: Inspect the crash log and create an issue if necessary. He made sure that the email contained all the needed information for the new issue.

This way the time spent on dump analysis went from 6 hours per day to 1 hour per day. He had more time to work on other tasks.

After he tested and retested the tool. He presented it to the QA team and taught them how to use it. This way everybody could analyze their own dump files.

This is how he managed to automate the process and free himself for more important tasks.

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What? & How? FAQ

What tasks can be automated?

  • Automatic Email Sending;
  • Filling Online Forms;
  • Website Scraping;
  • Reports Creation;
  • Media Collection;
  • Posting to Social Networking Sites;
  • Creation of Data Backup (Windows, Linux or OSX);
  • Anything that you might need or think of.


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