Automated stock refilling

Are you a shop owner? Do you dream about automated stock refilling? Dream no more. is going to make it reality.

Imagine this: One morning you wake up and turn on your computer to read your emails. Just like you do every morning. And what do you see? One of the emails is saying: “Hey John! We are low on product “x”, we have only 5 products left in stock. Do you want to refill the stock? How many should we buy? Click here to give the green light.” You click and a web page is displayed where you can say how many products should be bought. You put 10 there and push the “Do it!” button.

After 5 days you receive the products and you have stock again.

In the meantime the computer is searching in your place for the best product it can find. The best price and without paid shipment if possible. Also, he tries to find producers that you have bought before so you know the quality will be good. If he doesn’t find anything for a reasonable price or with the desired color or specs he will send you another email saying that and asking if it is ok to buy a similar product, but from a different producer.

In the end he makes the order automatically and pays in your name. Anything done automatically, you just have to decide how many products you need. Or if you don’t want to be bothered with this, just set the number of articles to be bought by default and he will not bother you.

Of course if you want more control over the process it can be done. For example, the computer can look for products that are cheaper than x, or more expensive than y. When it finds the right product can give you a link with the product and ask you if you are ok, and after that it buys the product.

Or when the stock is going low you will receive directly the link with what he found and with the question “how many do you need?” and it will make the order. can make this dream come true. You will just have to decide which products you need for your shop and the ‘wonder tool’ can take if from there.

We are ready to automate any kind of flows, tasks or processes. We want you to have more time and spend less money.

We are ready! Are you?

If you need anything else done, we are here to help.