Why being lazy is an asset in a fast-paced world

I know this might sound weird to some but laziness can help you be more productive.


Mind-blowing right? Let me explain.


I had a job where I needed to take some files from my team, apply some code changes, and then execute a tool. It was all meant to extract the results and check if they were already posted in our system. Doing this manually for 1 month got me so tired that I just had to find a way to automate it. At first, it was hard because I did not know where to begin but, step by step, I managed to automate the entire process.


If you work in front of a computer, at least 20% of your work can be automated.


In the end, everything was done by “the computer”. I only had to train the team on how to use the tool but that time was insignificant. It implied a few changes with the process but I did not have to do anything any more, except monitoring it.


So the software robot was doing my job and now I could focus on something else. This way, I became more productive even if I was working less.


That was it. I got hooked on work automation, my lazy-self couldn’t resist it.


At my next job, I was working for a startup testing mobile applications, which involved constantly going to the developers and asking for new builds. In the majority of times, they replied that some small coding fixes are not done yet and they will have the build for me soon. That meant I had to wait and then ask again. This way of doing things was interrupting them from their work and also taking a lot from my time as well. Not to mention that the building process took around 30 minutes. Think about how much time both I and the developers were wasting. It was a lot!


When I understood what’s going on, I started looking for a way to automate this back and forth process. A way to help me get the build whenever I wanted it without bothering the developers. If only I could find a tool that would automate the build process. And I did, a simple install and a few minor configurations later, guess what?


I could be lazy again!


Whenever I needed a new build I just had to push a button and wait 30 minutes. Or even better, make the software robot create the build during the night so I can have it next morning freshly backed. This is called work automation. This is how we can delegate some of our tasks to robots and still get paid.

These are just two examples of how work automation, or process automation, saved me and my team days of monotonous work and a lot of headaches. After this, we could focus on things that were more creative and we enjoyed more.


You can always improve your work and spend less time doing it, even if you think it’s impossible. I don’t know about you but being lazy has never been easier!


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