Does your team need recursive reminders?

Google Calendar can be integrated with Slack so that the events you create in your calendar can be announced in a discussion channel in Slack.

You have multiple options to select from when it comes to when the event should be notified. For example:

  • show all the events at the beginning of the week;
  • notify the event 1 day or 2 hours before;
  • calendar updates.

We found it useful for the next types of notifications:

  • Bank Free days during the week – a list is displayed on Monday morning of each week;
  • Meetings – notifications are displayed at the beginning of the day to remind the team;
  • Team recursive reminders to do different tasks, like logging work time.

This way the team is reminded recursively about important meetings or tasks that they need to do.

Personally I use it for:

  • Personal reminders for different tasks;
  • Birthdays – family, friends and workmates.

Before configuring it, you need to figure out what events you need notification in Slack for and group them in different calendars. The application will take all the calendar events for a calendar and publish them into Slack.

Maybe you don’t want the whole team to know that you have an appointment with the dentist on Monday morning.


Now, let’s see how to create a new calendar in Google Calendar application.

Google Calendar - Create new calendar

In your application in the left side you will have ‘Other Calendars’ section and next to it a ‘+’ Sign. If you click on the ‘+’ you will be able to select ‘Create New Calendar’.

You just have to name the new calendar, description and timezone are optional.

‘Create Calendar’ button will create your fresh new calendar. The calendar will appear under ‘My Calendars’.


Adding an event to the newly created calendar

can be achieved either when you create the new event of after creating it when you edit the event. In either case, you need to look in the page for the icon of the calendar . Next to it you will be able to see a drop down list, from where you can select the calendar where to add the event.


How to configure Google Calendar Events to be notified in Slack?

You can configure them from within the Slack application.

Slack and Google Calendar integration

To access the App:

You need to open your Slack application.

Click on your company’s name in the top left corner → Administration → Manage apps → Search for “Google Calendar for Team Events”


To configure it:

  • Select “Connect a Calendar to Slack”.
  • In the left side select the Calendar that you want to be parsed for events.
  • In the right side select the Chanel where you want the notifications to go.
    • You can select a discussion channel or your personal slack id.
  • Select desired Event Reminder type, Calendar Updates or Calendar Summaries
  • Save Integration


Now let it work it's magic!