Can it be automated?

Any task done using a computer can be automated, but 'Is it worth it to be automated? '. This is the question that we need to answer.

For example: Let's say you have to fill in a form with some data and then send it by email to a client. Is it worth it to automate the process if you just need it once? How much time will you spend automating? How much time will it take you to fill in the form and then send it by email? What if you have to do it once every day or even more times a day? In these last cases we suggest it is time to think about automating the process.

A good methafor for automating vs not automating

Image Source - Automated vs non-automated


Some questions to help you decide if a task should be automated:

- is the task taking a long time and you need to do it frequently?

- is the task repeating couple of times a day, daily?

- is the task taking a long time?

If one of the answers is "Yes" then you need to find a way to automate it.

If the previous example did not answer your question we have prepared some other questions that may help you determine if your tasks can be automated and if you should automate them.

- is the task prone to human error?

- can it be delegated?

- are these tasks important, but you feel that they are not intellectually stimulating?

- are there tasks that you just want to get over with or you don't enjoy doing?

- are there tasks that keep you awake until late in the night?

- what applications do you constantly use? Do you think linking information between them will help? Do you think that those applications are missing something, or you need something extra from them? Are those applications too cluttered with extra features that you don't plan to use?

- what would you do if you would have had more free time? Something that would bring more value to your business, of course, but what?

If you are still in doubt, maybe your tasks are not suitable for being automated.

Do you want to know more? You have two options:

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