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About Us

We are Toolker

We are a handful of young people having one goal: We want to help. Toolker was made out of passion for technology. We have more than 10 years of experience.

We like to create, to make things work. We like to be prepared for anything, to constantly learn new things, to be ready.

We have a strong will. We are creative and smart. We accept new challenges and aim high. Everything we make is with full commitment. Passion is driving us forward and the results are the fuel.


Toolker - We are ready! Are you?



Bogdan Spuze


What Clients Say About Us

  The team did everything as described and went out of their way to accommodate any other fixes that needed to be done. Can only recommend!
(Oliver,  HWC Australia)

   It is a true pleasure working with this team. They were very aware of the due date. When it was time to complete the project, they ensured that the functionalities worked perfectly. We are very pleased.
(Daisy, FreightFormsPlus)